At Sturdy Property Inspections, we give our clients the flexibility to build their Inspection based on their needs. Here is some of what we have to offer.

Property Walk-through Inspection

A property walk-through is a great service that is inexpensive and can be done on short notice. The client or a client representative will meet our Inspector at the subject property and the Inspector will proceed to walk-through the property with the client/representative, looking over all major systems and components, and explaining their findings in real time. This is a non-invasive inspection and all information will be relayed to the client/representative verbally. This service is highly recommended for everyone selling a commercial property, as it can eliminate any surprises that may come up during the buyers inspection, saving you a lot of time and money.

Walk-through Inspection & Report

A walk through Inspection with Report adds an extremely valuable layer to the inspection process: a digital report. An Inspector will complete a thorough and comprehensive walk-through of all systems and components of the subject property. After the Inspection, the Inspector will combine the information found during the walk through, with extensive research on all of the systems and components to create a detailed and informative Digital Inspection Report. The Report will summarize all of the Inspectors findings, and provides our clients with a general overview of the properties condition. This is a non-invasive inspection and information will be relayed to the client via the Digital Inspection report as well as verbally. This service is highly recommended for every investor looking to purchase a Commercial Property because a detailed and informative Inspection Report is a crucial tool when negotiating the purchase of a Commercial Property,

Walk-through Inspection with Specialized Consultants & Report

This service is a necessity for any investor who is trying to manage/minimize risk with their commercial property. A Walk-through Inspection with Specialized Consultants & Report combines the thoroughness and attention to detail of our Inspectors with the vast and deep knowledge of our Specialized Consultants. A Specialized Consultant is a trade-specific Professional who is a master in their field, and will assist the inspector with the portion of the inspection they specialize in. This Inspection can be invasive if needed and information will be relayed to the client via the Digital Inspection Report as well as verbally. Depending on the clients needs,budget, and time restraints, any assortment of Specialized Consultants can be hired. This service is highly recommended to any investor whose trying to manage/minimize risk by obtaining the most information about their commercial property as possible.

Examples of Specialized Consultants

commercial roofer;

stucco/EIFS consultant;

professional engineer;

commercial HVAC contractor;



roofing contractor/consultant;

chimney sweep;

Infrared Certified™ energy auditor;

lead paint inspector;

life-safety/fire protection expert;

elevator/escalator inspector;

commercial kitchen expert;

radon inspector;

mold inspector;

indoor air quality expert;

meth lab inspector;

wood-destroying organisms inspector;

accessibility consultant;

green features inspector;

fire door inspector;

pool/spa inspector;

parking lot/asphalt consultant;

water quality inspector;

seawall inspector; and

septic inspector.

Why add Specialized Consultants to an Inspection?

Adding a Specialized Consultant to an Inspection is the best way to obtain the most information about a specific system or component. A Specialized Consultant is usually licensed or a master in their field. When hiring a Specialized Consultant, you are essentially purchasing years of priceless knowledge and experience. We constantly use Specialized Consultants to augment our Inspectors already well rounded knowledge to provide our clients with the most thorough and comprehensive inspection.

Why not just call a contractor skilled in that area?

When hiring a Specialized Consultant, it is very similar to calling a contractor for their opinion on a specific system/component of a property. So why wouldn't you just call the contractor directly? Unfortunately, the main reason is simply conflict of interest. When dealing directly with a Contractor, you may not receive the most honest information. The Contractor may report their findings dishonestly in a hope that you will hire them in the future to make their recommended corrections. This is a blatant conflict of interests. At Sturdy Property Inspections, our main goal is to provide you with honest and detailed findings, that is why all of our Specialized Consultants sign a professional-service agreement that clearly defines a no-conflict-of-interests policy and prohibits them from offering our clients any repair or repair associated services.